The HD HUD project aims to redesign the game's interface and heads-up display to be more suitable for HD resolutions. It is made for Citra users.

Currently, only the heads-up display has been adapted, but the changes should already make the game more pleasant to play on a large screen.


To make taking nice screenshots easier, the entire HUD is hidden when using the Pictograph Box.


Step 1

Download the following version of Project Restoration even if you have already set it up.

  Download Project Restoration 1.5.9-5 + HD HUD

After downloading and opening the archive, open one of the folders without extracting it:

Then right click on the game in the game list and select Open Mods Location.

Open the citra folder in the archive, then copy code.bps and exheader.bin to the Mod Location folder. Overwrite any existing file, if needed.

Step 2

Download and extract the layout archive (or this one for Xbox controller users) in the Mods Location. Copy the romfs folder itself to the Mods Location.

If you've followed the instructions correctly, you should see code.bps, exheader.bin and romfs (folder) in the Mods Location.

Step 3

Right click on the game in the Citra game list and select Open Custom Texture Location.

Download this texture and put it there.

Enable custom textures in Citra (Emulation → Configure... → Graphics → Use Custom Textures).

Optional but highly recommended: download this HD texture pack and extract it in the Custom Texture Location. The textures come from the MM3DHD project and currently cover almost all of the game menus and Link's forms!


This section is intended to help troubleshoot common issues with the HD HUD mod. For other issues, refer to the general troubleshooting section for Project Restoration.

The new HD HUD never appears

Are you using save states? If so, save the game properly at an owl statue, close Citra and relaunch the game without reloading your save state. If you reload a save state that was made prior to installing the HD HUD mod, the new HUD will not work.

The game crashes when I load a save

Follow step 2 again to set up the layout archive correctly.

The hearts and D-Pad are not visible on the main screen

Follow step 1 again to ensure you are using the HD HUD build of Project Restoration.

The D-Pad icon / the action buttons on the main screen looks wrong

Follow step 3 again. The custom texture is required for the new HUD.

The A and B button text is blurry

If you downloaded the HD texture pack before 2022/01/02, please re-download it and follow step 3 again. A previous version of the texture pack could cause the A and B button text to become blurry.